Article structure recommendations for authors of Allergology and Immunology in Paediatrics.

Each article shall contain the following information:

Byline; and main author’s contact details;


The title of the article shall be informative, concise, correspond to the scientific style of the text, contain the main keywords that characterize the topic and content of the paper (max 10-12 words), the use of abbreviations and formulas is not advisable. The article title shall be indicated in Russian and English. When translating the title of an article into English, it is not allowed to use transliteration from Russian into Latin. Punctuation marks in the title, especially dots and commas should not be used (this leads to incorrect recognition of the article title by library systems).

It is necessary to list all authors first stating the initials and then the last name.

I.I. Ivanov, P.P. Petrov.

The contact details section shall contain the following:
First name P. (patronimic) Last name, title, place of work of the main author; postal address of the place of work (building number, street, city, postal code, country), e-mail address;

Yury S. Smolkin, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergology, Vicepresident APAIR
Address: 6 Ostrovityanova Str., Moscow, 117513, Russia

Information about authors: in the form of a list sequentially about each author, each on a new line.

Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov (in full), academic degree (candidate of science, doctor of science), scientific title (Associate Professor, Professor), title (Head, Director, etc.);

Information about the institutions where the research was conducted/ the author’s place of work (preferably, the name and address as stated in the organization’s Charter).  An acceptable affiliation option contains the names of the department/division, organization, city, and country. The name of the organization and the name of the Department shall be separated by commas and used in the nominative case (for the text version in Russian).
Organizations shall be listed sequentially, each on a new line
Smolensk State Medical University, Department of Allergology and Immunology, Smolensk, Russia.


Please note that it is the abstract that is indexed and referenced. It includes a description of the main topic, object problems, research goals, basic methods, research findings, and main conclusions.

A structured abstract follows the logic of the research and as a rule has subheadings based on the same structure (IMRaD – introduction, methods, results, discussion).

The abstract shall be:

  • informative (not contain general words);
  • informative (reflect the subject matter of the article and research findings);
  • structured (follow the logic of the results description in the article);
  • concise (150 to 250 words).

No more than 5-7 words.

On a separate page.


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