When submitting a manuscript, the author instructs the Editorial Board to make it public it by publishing in the press.

By submitting the article, the author agrees that if it is accepted for publication, the copyright will be transferred to the Editorial Board, and the Editorial Board will have exclusive property rights to use the manuscript, including copyrighted photos, drawings, diagrams, charts and other copyrighted items contained therein. The author shall transfer these rights to the Editorial Board for an indefinite term and for worldwide use. The rights to the manuscript shall be considered transferred by the author to the Editorial Board of the Journal from the moment of approval of the relevant Journal issue for publishing.

The Editorial Board may assign the rights obtained from the author to third parties and to prohibit third parties from any use of materials published in the Journal. The author guarantees that he or she has exclusive rights to use the material transmitted to the Editorial Board. If this warranty is violated and claims are filed against the Editorial Board in this regard, the author undertakes to settle all claims independently and at such author’s own expense. The Editorial Board waives any third-party liability for violation of the author’s warranties.

The author reserves the right to use the published material for personal, including scientific and teaching purposes. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reproduce articles, fragments of articles, summaries on the Internet (in particular, on the Journal’s website, in electronic databases), as well as to make reprints of articles and other information materials based on them; translate published materials into other languages; export and import issues of the Journal containing author’s publications. Reprint of materials published in the Journal by other individuals and legal entities shall not be allowed, unless the source of copyright and the number and year of issue in which the material was published is specified.

The author of the article or his/her authorized representative shall fill out the form of the Copyright Agreement, scan it and send it to the Editorial Board.

The publication shall be distributed under the Creative Commons CC BY “Attribution” license 4.0 worldwide.


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