Layout rules with respect to materials sent to the Editorial Board.

In accordance with the Regulations for Inclusion of Scientific Journals in the Russian Science Citation Index and recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers, scientific articles shall be formatted accordingly.

A scientific article about original experimental research is recommended to be formatted in accordance with the generally accepted IMRaD (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion) layout. If the article is devoted to theoretical research, the Methods section is replaced with Theoretical Basis. Thus, the article shall be divided into sections:

  • Introduction (relevance of the problem, research substantiation);
  • Methods or Theoretical Basis;
  • Results of the study/review;
  • Discussion of results, conclusions.
  • At the end of the article, there may be acknowledgements, etc.

See the full text of recommendations here


Technical requirements for the document:

  • text document format (.doc; .docx; .rtf; .odt)
  • Font parameters: font – Times New Roman; font size – 12 pt.; colour – black; scale – 100%.
  • Page parameters: size – A4; line spacing – 1.5; margins: top and bottom – 2.5 cm, left – 3.5 cm; right – 1.5 cm; page numbering – mandatory, in the upper right corner.

Figures formatting features

  • The article may contain graphs, tables, diagrams, and monochrome images.
  • The information shown in the figures shall correspond to the information provided in the text.
  • Figures shall be placed on separate pages of the document.
  • The sequence numbers and names of figures that clearly correspond to the references in the text of the article shall be specified.
  • Photographs and drawings shall be clear. Required extension is *.tif, jpg (300 dpi).


Description of medicines, methods of diagnosis, treatment, processing of research findings, etc.

  • The description of medicines shall specify the international non-proprietary names, trade names are only allowed in exceptional cases. In the case of testing of new medicines, this should be indicated with a reference to the regulatory documents of the test and registration of the tested substance (and authorization for use by the relevant authorities (registration number, date of registration).
  • Laboratory and functional research methods specified in the articles and their results shall be standardized (generally accepted methods and units of measurement in SI units shall be used – meters, kg, ml, etc.)
  • Recommended units of measurement may be found at Amamanualofstyle.
  • Links to sources with a detailed description of research methods and evaluation of the results are mandatory. When using a new method, it is recommended to describe the essence and features of the method in as much detail as possible, but briefly in the current section, preferably with an indication of the equipment and reagent used to ensure reproducibility of results.

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