Journal purpose:

  • Publishing original research and thematic review articles by Russian and foreign scientists on the issues of allergy and immunology with a focus on paediatric clinical practice.
  • Providing open access to anyone concerned to the relevant scientific information and research findings and to all published materials.
  • Promoting international scientific cooperation.
  • Providing doctors and scientists, namely, allergists, paediatricians, dermatologists, immunologists with opportunities for open scientific discussions and dialogue on topical issues allergy and immunology of.
  • Providing theoretical foundations and publishing experience in the implementation of scientific developments in these fields of knowledge.

Journal policy:

  • Allergology and Immunology in Paediatrics is a peer-reviewed scientific and practical periodical intended for paediatricians, allergists and immunologists and experts in various fields whose work is related to paediatric allergology and immunology.
  • The journal is the official publication body of the Association of Paediatric Allergists and Immunologists of Russia, All-Russian Public Organization, and has been published since 2003 with contributions from the country’s leading specialists, including paediatricians, allergists and clinical immunologists.
  • The Allergology and Immunology in Paediatrics operates in accordance with the Charter of the Association of Paediatric Allergists and Immunologists of Russia (APAIR).
  • As part of its publishing and scientific information activities, APAIR is open for interaction and cooperation with any other scientific and professional associations to provide high-quality publications and representation of Russian science.
  • The Journal’s policy regarding peer review, conflict of interest, publication ethics and anti-plagiarism is set out in the APAIR Publication Ethics Regulation based on COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).
  • The periodical contains original articles, reviews, educational programs for doctors, clinical observations, discussions, and information about the latest advances of the Russian and foreign science and practice.
  • All publications of the journal deal with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of allergic and other immune-mediated diseases in children with a focus on paediatric allergology.
  • The journal is published four times a year (quarterly).

The full text version of the journal can be found on the following websites:

  1. On the official website of the journal in the ARCHIVE OF ISSUES section.
  2. Scientific electronic library Elibrary (open access for registered users)
  3. Scientific electronic library CYBERLENINKA (open access)

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