обложка журнала аллергология и иммунология в педиатрии 4 номер 2022

and Immunology
in Pediatrics»

Allergology and Immunology in Paediatrics is a peer-reviewed scientific and practical periodical intended for paediatricians, allergists and immunologists, as well as experts in various fields whose work is related to paediatric allergology and immunology.

The journal is the official publication body of the Association of Paediatric Allergists and Immunologists of Russia (APAIR), All-Russian Public Organization, and has been published since 2003 with contributions from the country’s leading specialists, including paediatricians, allergists and clinical immunologists.

The periodical contains original articles, reviews, educational programs for doctors, clinical observations, discussions, and information about the latest advances in the Russian and foreign science and practice.

All publications of the journal deal with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of allergic and other immune-mediated diseases in children with a focus on paediatric allergology.

The journal is published four times a year (quarterly).