Allergy to cow’s milk proteins as an Anaphylaxis trigger in children

T.S. Lepeshkova 1,2, E.K. Beltyukov 1, S.A. Tsarkova 1

1 Ural State Medical University, Еkaterinburg, Russia
2 «Children’s hospital № 13», Ekaterinburg, Russia

ALLERGOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY IN PEDIATRICS, Volume 59 • Number 4 • December 2019, pp. 26 – 37
DOI: 10.24411/2500-1175-2019-00020

The problem of food Allergy in recent years is becoming more and more relevant. Symptoms of food anaphylaxis, as the most severe form of food Allergy, occur at lightning speed or very quickly, affect several systems of the human body, violating their normal functions and becoming in isolated cases fatal. The possibility to avoid such acute episodes of Allergy can be provided by the complete cessation of the use of the product, previously causing food anaphylaxis.
The article presents the latest literature data on Allergy and food Anaphylaxis to cow’s milk proteins, which are illustrated by clinical measures. In a number of presented clinical cases, it is the wrong actions of adults (recommendations of medical specialists, actions of parents) contributed to an increase in the degree of sensitivity to milk proteins and the occurrence of food anaphylaxis in children.
The work aims at presenting clinical cases of severe Allergy to cow’s milk proteins and the importance of in-depth allergological examination (ISAC, ImmunoCAP) for further prevention of new episodes of food Anaphylaxis in children.

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Lepeshkova TS, Beltyukov EK, Tsarkova SA. Allergy to cow’s milk proteins as an Anaphylaxis trigger in children. Allergology and Immunology in Pediatrics. 2019;59(4):26-37. (In Russ.)

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