Autoantibodies to neural receptors in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus


Volume 71 • Issue 4 • Desember 2022, pp. 42-44

Publication date: 20.12.2022

Yu. V. Bykov1,2, V. A. Baturin1

1 Stavropol State Medical University, 355017, Stavropol, Russia, Mira str., 310, Russia
2 Children’s City Clinical Hospital named G. K. Filippsky, 355002, Stavropol, Ponomareva str., 5, Russia

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Bykov YuV, Baturin VA. Autoantibodies to neural receptors in children with type 1 diabetes mellituss. Allergology and Immunology in Pediatrics. 2022; 4: 42–44. (In Russ.)